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May 12 Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting: Thursday, May 12,, 5:30 pm, City Hall

Public Hearing for 690 Duncan Road on the Agenda- See below for more details

May Envision Meeting: Tuesday, May 31, 5 pm. Sower Board Room, Paul Sawyier Public Library.

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Please take action to protect rural land from sprawl! The Public Hearing to rezone 690 Duncan Road is now on the May 12 P&Z Commission Agenda

690 Duncan Road/ The Blanton Crutcher Farm

Developer Ron Tierney is seeking a zone change to rezone the Blanton Crutcher Farm from agricultural to industrial. The Blanton Crutcher Farm at 690 Duncan Road is on the National Register of Historic Places. Its prime agricultural land, historic significance, and location on the Bourbon Trail make the farm a valuable asset to Franklin County and the region in its natural state.

From the beginning, the developer has shown a disregard for the community by bulldozing the historic home without a permit, conducting an illegal burn, and destroying mature trees, ponds, and other natural features on the farm. Tierney's actions show a blatant disregard for the quality of life of nearby residents and a lack of understanding of the ecological and cultural attributes of the area. Despite being denied a zone change two years ago, Tierney continued to "prepare" the site for industrial warehousing under the guise of agricultural zoning.

Envision submits that prime farmland is too valuable to pave over and that before additional farmland is rezoned to higher intensity uses that a thorough analysis of how our existing industrial parks are being used should be conducted. For example, only about a third of occupants in Industrial Parks 1 and 2 are industrial users. Our existing industrial parks should be used efficiently before allowing farmland to be converted to industrial land. Here is the letter that Envision submitted to the Planning Commission opposing this zone map amendment. If you would like to submit comments, you can follow the instructions below.

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